Session Information

All studio sessions are done in the comfort of my home, where the studio is located. The atmosphere is relaxed and children feel at ease. Because I schedule a full hour for each session and one to three hours for newborn sessions, I am able to take the time necessary to capture your child's individual character and personality using a wide variety of posing and outfits. We have the option of taking simple, elegant portraits, but I also provide a wide assortment of props, wraps and backdrops. The end result is a collection of adorable pictures that are available for you to view online, in your own personal gallery, from which you can then order your prints, digital images and novelty items.

Outdoor sessions can take place anywhere in Calgary / Chestermere City limits (please contact me if you would like pricing on a session outside of the city)  I do have a few places that I love shooting at, or if you have a location in mind I am always open to new places

For your session, you may also bring a few changes of clothing if you wish for some pictures to be dressy & some to be casual. You can incorporate hats, sweaters, and clothing of bright colors to increase your overall selection, but overall simple is best. For portraits with families or siblings, you will achieve the best results if everyone is dressed in similar colors, once again keeping it simple. Try to avoid patterns or logos on your clothing as well. 

Your session fee will cover only your time getting photographs taken, any prints or digital images that you want will be an additional charge. If you have any further questions about your session, please do not hesitate to contact Christy at any time.